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Discover premier car detailing services tailored for Phoenix drivers at Capstone Mobile Detailing. Enhance your vehicle’s appeal and safeguard its value with our expert, reliable auto care solutions. Trust us to provide professional detailing that rejuvenates your car’s look and feel right at your doorstep.

Unmatched Convenience

Mobile detailing that comes to your location, saving you time and providing detailing services at your location in Phoenix.

Customized Services

Tailored car detailing that caters to the specific needs of each vehicle and customer preferences for comprehensive care.


We use eco-friendly, waterless products for our auto detailing, conserving water and reducing the environmental impact.


Skilled detailing professionals who are trained to handle a variety of vehicle types, ensuring meticulous attention to detail.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Commitment to customer satisfaction with a guarantee on services, providing peace of mind and reliability.


Easy online booking and scheduling options to accommodate your busy life, including weekends and evenings.

Professional Auto Detailing Services in Phoenix, AZ

Preserve Your Vehicle’s Beauty and Longevity Today

At Capstone Mobile Detailing, we recognize the vital role that mobile detailing services plays in maintaining the aesthetic appeal and longevity of vehicles, especially in the arid climate of Phoenix, AZ. We are committed to providing high-quality detailing services that protect vehicles from environmental damage and enhance their overall appearance. Our local experts are thoroughly trained in interior detailing and exterior vehicle care, using advanced techniques such as ceramic coatings and paint correction to ensure every detail is perfected.

We pride ourselves on delivering only the best detailing packages and are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. We aim to transform your vehicle and equip you with the knowledge to maintain its showroom shine. With the convenience of mobile detailing and a guarantee of quality service, Capstone Mobile Detailing is the premier choice for car owners looking for exceptional auto care solutions in Phoenix, AZ.

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Spotless, No-Mess Shine with Waterless Car Detailing

Experience Innovative Detailing Anywhere in Phoenix

At Capstone Mobile Detailing, our waterless car detailing service revolutionizes how your vehicle is cared for, allowing us to deliver exceptional results anywhere in Phoenix, AZ, without hoses or water runoff. This innovative approach not only eliminates the mess typically associated with traditional car washing but also conserves water and is environmentally friendly.

Our waterless car detailing process involves high-quality, eco-friendly products that effectively break down dirt and grime, ensuring your car receives a thorough clean with a protective finish that enhances its appearance. Perfect for urban environments and restricted spaces, our service ensures that you can enjoy a professionally detailed car without leaving your location. Trust Capstone Mobile Detailing to provide a convenient, clean, and sustainable solution to maintain your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal wherever you are.

Our Car Detailing Showcase of Excellence

Explore our curated gallery, highlighting Capstone Mobile Detailing’s finest work. From family sedans to luxury sports cars, each project reflects our commitment to quality, precision, and aesthetic appeal.

Tailored Mobile Detailing Solutions in Phoenix, AZ

Customized care, satisfaction guaranteed

At Capstone Mobile Detailing, we understand that each vehicle owner in Phoenix, AZ, has unique needs when it comes to maintaining their car’s appearance. That’s why we offer an array of custom mobile detailing services designed to meet these diverse requirements and are committed to achieving 100% customer satisfaction. From luxury and exotic cars requiring specialized services to everyday vehicles needing regular maintenance washes, our services are tailored to fit every specific need.

Our mobile auto detailing service offers flexibility and convenience, allowing our fully-equipped vehicles to bring top-notch detailing directly to your doorstep. Whether it’s a simple interior clean or a comprehensive full auto detailing package, we have the tools and the expertise to handle it all. Our experienced team in Phoenix is dedicated to providing exceptional service and expert care, reinforcing our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction in every job we undertake.

Ready To Transform Your Car? We're On Standby to help!

Is your vehicle looking less than its best? Don’t let a dull car dampen your style. At Capstone Mobile Detailing, we bring professional detailing services directly to you – whether at home or at your workplace. From thorough interior cleanings to pristine exterior finishes, our expert team is equipped to make your car shine like new. Contact us today to schedule your detailing and experience the transformation firsthand. Why wait? Revitalize your ride with Capstone Mobile Detailing and drive with pride!

Advanced Paint Protection Services in Phoenix, AZ

Enhancing durability and beauty with expert care

At Capstone Mobile Detailing in Phoenix, AZ, we understand the challenges posed by the harsh environmental conditions on vehicle exteriors. To combat these effects, we specialize in advanced paint protection and meticulous enhancement techniques to preserve your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal and resale value. Our ceramic coating applications provide a durable shield against environmental contaminants, boasting 2-5 years of longevity and hydrophobic properties that repel water, dirt, and grime.

Additionally, our paint correction procedures are designed to address and minimize visible imperfections such as scratches, swirl marks, and etching, using targeted polishing techniques and the correct combination of polishes and pads to enhance the paint’s luster. For vehicles that require the utmost protection, we also offer Paint Protection Film (PPF) installations that provide impact resistance and self-healing properties, where minor scratches can disappear with the application of heat.

Comprehensive Car Detailing Services in Phoenix, AZ

Expert care from inside out for lasting brilliance

At Capstone Mobile Detailing, we provide a thorough detailing service that covers every aspect of your vehicle, ensuring both beauty and protection are addressed with utmost care. Our team is committed to excellence, meticulously working on both the interior and exterior of your car. Interior detailing includes deep cleaning with vacuuming, shampooing, and steam cleaning, along with conditioning for leather surfaces and streak-free cleaning for windows and mirrors. For the exterior, we start with a detailed wash, followed by clay bar treatment and sealing with high-quality waxes to not only enhance the shine but also protect against environmental elements.

Our services extend beyond just aesthetic enhancements. We ensure the overall health of your vehicle through effective steam cleaning techniques and headlight restoration services, restoring clarity and brightness to your headlights and improving both appearance and safety. By choosing Capstone Mobile Detailing in Phoenix, AZ, you are securing a partner that values the pristine condition of your car, ensuring every part of your vehicle receives the attention it truly deserves.

Real Reviews From Past Customers

We are profoundly grateful for the steadfast support of our customers and their invaluable feedback. At Capstone Mobile Detailing, we are dedicated to providing premier car detailing services, and it’s an honor to have earned your confidence.

Barb R.
Barb R.
I found Capstone Mobile Detailing online and tried them out. I asked for the interior to be detailed and I was extremely pleased with how it turned out. The leather seats and all vinyl parts were shined and the carpet and mats were vacuumed. The technician , Zach, was AMAZING! He provided great customer service, answered my questions, and even collected the items and coins that fell between my seats for me. This is the best detail I’ve had and I will definitely keep using them!!!
Andrea P
Andrea P
Capstone detail did a great job! So happy - can’t wait to use them again!
Brittany Z.
Brittany Z.
From start to finish, the process was quick and easy booking with Capstone Mobile Detailing. Zach is kind, listens to your concerns about your vehicle and executes to perfection. Couldn’t have chosen a better company to detail my car.
Nathan F.
Nathan F.
Awesome job on the interior detailing, cleanest the cars been since I bought it! Very good communication throughout the service, will use again and will recommend!
Hunter M.
Hunter M.
I was super happy and impressed with the results! I definitely got what I paid for! He finished in the amount of time he said he would and checked with me when he was done to show me it all! It’s been over a month and the inside of my truck still looks shiny, clean, and new! I would recommend Capstone to anyone looking for a detail, you won’t be disappointed!
Adam S.
Adam S.
The whole process was seamless. From booking to the technician shooting me a text 30 min before to the wash. I thought having the canopy and the sign out repping Capstone was a good touch and it made it look professional. The wash was excellent and my interior is still shining. Loved that they left cards for a loyalty discount and referral. My boss had hers done yesterday and she was super happy as well. Highly recommend for your next detail!!
Ethan W.
Ethan W.
The detail on my ‘15 Cruz turned out great! I have never seen it look this good including the day I bought! The tech did a great job!
Kayla W.
Kayla W.
Getting my car detailed was such a treat! It was easy to book online, and I appreciated the messages from Zach (the detailer) letting me know the status of everything. Not only was my car spotless after he was done, but he came to my house and cleaned my car while I worked inside. This convenience was the biggest plus for me, I felt totally spoiled!
Alec M.
Alec M.
This was my first time getting my car detailed, and I was pleasantly surprised at what a big difference it made. It has been several weeks since the detail and I am still benefiting from the fantastic job that they did! Great company to trust with your vehicle!
Jana H.
Jana H.
Excellent experience! Zach was on-time, professional and proficient. He was able to fix the chip in my windshield. My car hasn’t looked this good since I drove it off the lot! I will definitely be using them again!
Shylee R.
Shylee R.
Zach detailed my car and he was very professional. My car looked amazing, both inside and out. I loved the convenience of having my car detailed while I was in class. Thank you Zach!
David H.
David H.
Awesome service! Zach was very professional. My truck looks brand new! The waterless/no mess process was amazing. I highly recommend Capstone Mobile Detailing!!

Have More Questions? 

Your Car Detailing Questions Answered

We provide a range of detailing services including interior cleaning, exterior washing, waxing, ceramic coating applications, paint correction, and engine detailing.

Depending on the package you choose, a typical detailing session can range from 1 to 4 hours. Our full detailing package for extensive cleaning and protection might take longer.

Please remove any personal belongings from your vehicle prior to your appointment to facilitate thorough cleaning and ensure nothing is misplaced.

Our rates vary based on the type of service and vehicle size. Please visit our pricing page or contact us directly for specific pricing details.

Yes, Capstone Mobile Detailing offers mobile services where we come to your home or office to detail your vehicle at your convenience.

We use only high-quality, professional-grade products that are eco-friendly and safe for all types of vehicles, ensuring top-notch results without harming the environment.

You can schedule an appointment by calling us directly, sending an email, or using our online booking system available on our website.

Mobile detailing services offer a more thorough and personalized approach to car care compared to traditional car washes. Unlike quick car washes, mobile detailing provides comprehensive cleaning and protection both inside and out. Detailers come to your location, saving you time and providing convenience. The attention to detail in mobile services ensures that every nook and cranny of your vehicle is addressed, using specialized products and techniques that traditional car washes often overlook. This not only enhances your vehicle's appearance but also preserves its value and longevity by using high-quality, vehicle-appropriate cleaning agents and protective coatings. Mobile detailing turns car care into a convenient, premium service tailored to your schedule and your car's specific needs.

Choosing a mobile car detailing service offers the convenience of having your vehicle detailed at your preferred location, whether at home or work. This saves time and makes the process more personalized.

We recommend detailing your car every 2 to 3 months to maintain its appearance and protect its value. This frequency can vary depending on driving conditions and personal usage.

Car detailing prices vary due to factors such as the reputation of the service provider, the level of detail in the services offered, the quality of products used, and the customization of services to client needs.

A standard car detailing package typically includes a thorough wash, interior vacuuming, window cleaning, and the cleaning of wheels and tires. Some packages also offer waxing and polishing of the exterior.

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